Acupuncture Geelong

What is Acupuncture? What are the benefits and how has traditional chinese medicine used this technique for centuries to assist with restoring balance to the body naturally?

Acupuncture is used to treat the pathology of the whole body. Your therapist will observe your body and relevant acupoints are selected accordingly. These are the entry points of the tiny sterile needles used to treat the energy flow or Qi of the body (pronounced “chee”). Qi courses through the body using paths called “meridians.” The simplified version of Qi consists of two main complementary energy forces: yin and yang.

Yin energy is slow and cold. Yin derives from quiet activities like resting, meditation, and deep breathing.

Yang energy is fast and hot. Yang energy comes from challenging physical and mental activities, such as exercise, concentrated effort, and external forces that cause stress.

It is the homeostasis of Yin and Yang we want to achieve.

Acupuncture works by restoring regulation and harmony within the body, so the various organs are supporting one another and working well in their own right. The very fine needles are gently inserted into the specific acupoints.  Each point has many functions that guide the combination of points chosen. 

Acupuncture is not a one size fits all system of medicine, it supports a natural solution without using any substances and vast changes can be created within the body. With access to a person’s circuitry through the use of the needles, we can unblock, allow Qi to go where it may be insufficient, to clear heat, clear damp, to restore the Yin and Yang, so the whole system is humming!

The first thing people might ask because of the fine needles is – Will it hurt? My simple answer is no. We take pride in a gentle yet effective approach to Acupuncture. We do not wish to cause pain, but we do want you to feel restored, well and for natural health changes to occur!

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